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Society for the Homeschool Network of Edmonton

SHINE is a non-profit secular inclusive organization whose mission is to foster a sense of belonging and a rich home-educating community through creative, diverse and oriented on children’s needs and abilities educational activities and support programs aligned with core Canadian values.

Network Support

We promote the availability of a support network and to create a community of openness, acceptance, and belonging that includes all people interested in home education.

Diversity Respect

We recognize and respect the strength of our diversity in learning styles, instructional methods, philosophy, choice of resources, religious and political affiliation and family lifestyles.


We facilitate opportunities for a variety of friendly, educational, recreational and social activities for group members and/or their families.
We facilitate opportunities for parent to parent support that may include support group meetings, lectures, panels, retreats, informal gatherings, one to one contact, e-groups, newsletters, conferences, etc.


We provide a forum for discussions, lectures and panels on social, educational and other subjects that will include a range of teaching and learning styles where questions and ideas can be exchanged in a non-threatening environment.


We establish and maintain a reference and resource library.
We respond to the various needs expressed by the members and to work together so that all members may meaningfully participate in and contribute to the group.
We liaison with other homeschool support groups and school boards in order to promote cohesiveness within the homeschool community.


We enhance the profile of homeschooling with businesses, government and the community at large and to promote a recognition of the importance and viability of home education.