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SHiNE offers diverse programs throughout the year to serve every curious learner and if you don’t see something you that meets your children’s needs contact us and watch it happen. If you have a program in mind but don’t know how to start become a volunteer and we will guide you through every step. SHiNE can provide direct billing with most of home education boards for most of the programs in order to lower the financial burden on families. Certain programs are run under grants and subsidies.

SHiNE Programs and Events

Educational Programs

Science DiscoverE, SNAP math club, math and science fairs, robotics, engineering, art, pottery, social studies, philosophy, creative writing, French and German language programs, astronomy, aboriginal studies, permaculture, bee keeping.

Field Trips

Field trips to provincial museums, theatre performances, zoo, Muttart Conservatory, U of A botanical garden, observatory, TWOSE, local farms, ranches and producers.

Sport Programs

skiing and snowboarding, taekwando, karate, swimming, gymnastics, aerial arts, dances

Social and community building programs and Events:

LEGO club, board games club, Kindness club, park days, nature walks, Pride and Prejudice with kids, wilderness camp, seasonal events and festivals, connection to grass roots coops, access to all Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton festivals

Support programs and Events

homeschool panels, support group, referrals to AHS, CASA, Speech pathology, OT, psychology, yoga mindfulness, hippotherapy, workshops with therapists and home education advocates


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